I Am The Siren.

Welcome to the website for Siren Vandoll.

Siren is a sexuality educator, writer, researcher and sensuality coach from Australia. She specializes in BDSM and alternative sexuality, sensual self-empowerment, non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships, positive consent, non-binary advocacy and queer kink.

Siren is available for workshops, speaking engagements, discussion mediation, group and event facilitation, mentoring and one-on-one/couples coaching. She also writes and blogs about sex, gender, sexuality, feminism and relationships.

Since July 2014, Siren has run workshops and sessions for Queer Collaborations, ANU, UTS Pride Week, Curtin University, Macquarie University, SEXPO Australia and ACT Rovers. She has also worked with the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex in 2016 and has appeared on panels at SEXPO Melbourne and GX Australia.

She is the leader and coordinator for Sex Geekdom ACT, which runs discussion groups and social events for sex positive Canberrans.

Vandoll is also a writer and contributor to the Queer/Sex Positive/Feminist webcomic Queerbite.

This site is Not Safe For Work.

Education Services and Pricing

Siren offers a variety of services, including:
♦ Workshops and Classes
♦ Faciliated Discussion Groups
♦ Q&A Sessions
♦ Event and Party Hosting or Facilitation
♦ Introduction Sessions and On-Going Mentoring
♦ Platonic Companionship/Guidance For Events
♦ One-On-One/Couples Coaching (also available via Skype)
♦ Hen's Parties and Adults-Only Birthdays

Siren's existing workshops include:
♦ Sexy, Kinky and Absolutely Terrified: A Primer for Fledgling Kinksters
♦ Going Public: Munches, Parties, Etiquette and More
♦ Yes, Please! A Positive Approach to Sex and Consent
♦ Sensual Orchestration: Scening with Sensation Play
♦ Pawsitivity: Essentials of Pet Play
♦ Say No To Handcuffs(and other things you should know before getting into bondage)
♦ Femme as F**k: Exploring Feminine Presentation
♦ Ask Me Anything: Kinky Q&A
♦ It's Not All Orgies: A Realistic Conversation About Polyamory and Open-Relationships
♦ Kinky Cake: Asexuality, Aromanticism and Kink
♦ Erotolalia: Blush-Worthy Dirty Talk

Siren currently offers two pricing options:
Workshops: $150 per session + Logistics Fee*
Coaching: $75/30 minute session (in person or via skype, 30 minute minium, bulk session discount available)

Other service pricing available on request. Please make contact via email for inquiries, quotes and bookings.

*Logistics fees refer to travel and accommodation costs, these vary from client to client.

Siren is constantly developing new workshops and refining her existing ones. She is happy to tailor them to your needs, or to work with you to design original ones.


Upcoming Appearances and Events

I am not paid to attend or promote these events unless specified.

Siren In The Media

2014 to Present - Guest Panelist on "Friday Night Lip Service" Radio Show
2016 - Interview with HerCanberra Magazine about Polyamory - Read It Here
2016 - Interview with "Love, Canberra" Podcast - Listen Here
2016 - Interview with "The Aussie Swingers" Podcast - Listen Here
2017 - Interview with Pillow Talk on YouTube - Link Coming Soon!

Want to interview Siren for your podcast, radio show, magazine, blog, etc? Contact thesensiren@gmail.com


Contact and Bookings

The best way to contact Ms Vandoll is via email at thesensiren@gmail.com
She can also be contacted via Fetlife and Facebook.
You can follow her on Instagram at @TheSenSiren or on Twitter.
Check out Sex Geekdom ACT on Facebook