Consultancy Services

Siren’s diverse skillset and experience gives her unique insights into and access to a number of specific audiences, allowing her to help organisations and individuals best tailor their strategies to their target clientele.
Her consulting services span from public relations strategies, education services for professionals in a variety of fields, brand and organisation guidance, as well as a range of content development and copywriting.

Pricing for these services varies sigficantly, please make email contact for a quote.

Communication and Social Media Consultancy

With extensive experience as a communication and social media consultant both in and outside the adult sphere and extensively experience in the not-for-profit sector, Siren can work with your organisation, event or company to develop, assess and evaluate the best strategies for the management of social media, content, audience, media engagement, promotion and marketing.
She can also project manage your targeted campaign, product or service rebrand or special event and is an experienced web and graphic designer.

Organisational Advisory and Professional Training

Siren can provide a variety of services to help your organisation or professional practice better address the needs of you clientele, including:
  • Inclusivity Training
  • Topical education for individuals and teams
  • Terminology Updates
  • Documentation and Form Design
  • Customer Experience Audits and Journey Maps
  • Issue Identification and Crisis Management Plans
  • Policy and Curriculum Development
  • Effective Technology Integration
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity Assessment

Company and Brand Collaboration

Regardless of how new or established your brand may be, Siren can partner with you in a varieties of ways:
    Behind The Scenes:
  • Brand Identity Development & Review - Comprehensive branding consultations for new or existing ventures or products
  • Brand Strategy - Detailed plans for short, mid and long term marketing and growth
  • Market Education - The infomation you need to know about your market landscape or clientele
  • Effective Technology Integration - determine the best use of technology, software and social media for you
  • Subject Specialist Consultation - subject deep-diving on a particular topic
  • Client Experience Analysis - Thorough review of your product or service from a customer experience
  • Issue/Crisis Identification - Make sure you are prepared to respond to pop-up incidents
  • Networking - Connecting you with the people, media outlets, brands and communities that wants to hear your message
    Customer Facing:
  • Branded Content - Creation or production of educational or instructional media such as videos, articles, blog posts, etc specifically for your audience
  • Event Collaboration (development or promotion) - Deliver unique client experiences through special event production (launch parties, workshops, seminars, panels, promotional or industry events, etc) or effective presences at established conventions, trade shows, conferences, etc.
  • Product Partnership (development or promotion) - Create a specific product with Siren's ongoing input and cobranding

Content Creation and Copywriting

Siren is an experienced cross-media creator and copywriter who can help you develop, edit and produce articles, video content, on- and offline promotional material, advertisement, product and website copy, newsletters, social media content, artistic collaborations, merchandise tie ins, sponsored blog posts and more.