Speaking and Facilitation

Siren is comfortable speaking to groups of all sizes on a wide range of topics, having presented in a variety of formats including solo guest talks, group discussion facilitation, radio broadcasts and as a panelist at various events.
With a background in science communication, teaching and theatre, she is able to communicate complex, sensitive and often emotional concepts effectively with empathy and enthusiasm.

Areas Of Expertise
Guest Speaking

Do you need a knowledgeable speaker to present on a specific topic for your group, conference or organisation?
Perhaps an eloquent and honest sharing of real lived experience?
Or a confident generalist for a panel discussion or questions-and-answer sessions?

Siren is dedicated to using her diverse background and excellent communication skills to create the most valuable, enriching and educational experience for you. Presentations can be adjusted to suit your audience’s experience level, age bracket and demographic, accessibility requirements and other unique needs.

Her charisma, warmth and humour also make Siren a perfect featured participant for more light-hearted engagements such as adult gaming nights, sexy costume events or storytelling show.


Outside of her workshops, Siren is also a skilled facilitator of both large and small group discussions and activities. Competent working in either a structured or more relaxed format, she is able to balance organic conversation flow while maintaining focus and momentum, challenging and exploring ideas and monitoring the wellbeing of participants.

She is also happy to moderate panels, conversations, debates, community forums, etc

Event Hosting

Whether you need an MC for your show or event, someone to run you convention booth or a hostess/social facilitator for your intimate gathering, Siren has you covered. Let her break the ice, set the tone and guide your guests through whatever wonderful experience you have prepared for them.

Siren is also available to help you plan, style and run your sex or BDSM party, adult gathering or brand event.


Siren’s ability to speak comfortably across a wide spectrum of subject matter makes her the perfect guest for your podcast, radio show, web series or TV programme, or a clear choice to interview or to provide comment for your news article or blog post. She can be contacted at email or via social media for comment or bookings.

View some examples of Siren’s work in the media here and read about her consulting services to see what she can do for your brand or organisation.