About Siren Vandoll


Siren Vandoll is an Australian Sexuality Educator & Consultant working to empower people through education, creation and advocacy. Engaging her unique skillset, she collaborates with individuals, groups, organisations and companies to promote sex positivity, share knowledge and promote inclusivity.

Passionate about sexuality, relationships, identity, feminism and social justice since her early teens, Siren evolved from “that friend” in high school, to Women’s Officer of her university residence at the Australian National University and began teaching workshops on sex, gender and sexuality in 2014. Using her background in activism, the not-for-profit sector, education, facilitation, public relations and communication; Siren now integrates these skills into her work in the sexuality sphere. Now Siren offers workshops, coaching sessions, sex positive community development, media engagement, guest speaking, PR and marketing for sexuality related events and brands, sex blogging and writing, professional consultancy and more.

As an educator, coach and facilitator, Siren’s strong sense of empathy and un-abrasive charisma allow her to create safe and comfortable spaces that promote authentic self expression, healthy curiosity and sensual self-empowerment. Allowing attendees to connect to the material in a shame-free and liberating manner. While her extensive range of knowledge and practical skills ensure that participants leave with the tools to enhance their sensual lives, relationships and sense of self.

Siren is dedicated to reforming and improving all intersections of sex, sexuality and gender and her consultancy and outreach are informed by this. Her work with brands, organisations and professionals not only aims to achieve the best outcomes for her clients, but to also for the people they serve. By keeping inclusivity, empowerment and accessibility as the foundation of everything she does, Siren hopes she can help build a safer, more compassionate world for all.