Good (After) Sex

Over a year ago I wrote an essay entitled Exploring Good Sex about how it is absolutely possible to have bad sex when you cum every time and the various elements that determine how much I enjoy a sexual experience. I got some amazing feedback from people who really connected with the piece and it pushed me to further examine the factors Read More

Bondage Review: Halloween Pumpkin Ball Gag by Geeky Sex Toys

I purchased this product directly from the Geeky Sex Toys website with my own money. This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.You can purchase The Halloween Pumpkin Ball Gag via the Geeky Sex Toys website for $50AUD. My girlfriend and I ordered matching Halloween Pumpkin Ball Gags on our drive back from Celebrating Sexuality last year because we’re romantic but also goth af. I’d originally Read More

Sex Toy Review: The Dodil

The Dodil sent me this product in exchange for an honest and fair review. This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.You can purchase The Dodil via their website or Betty’s Toy Box stocks it with ($95USD) or without the thermos canister ($65USD) I knew I needed The Dodil in my life the minute I saw it on Instagram… In case you don’t Read More

Sex Toy Review: Vesper Crave

This review is not sponsored and I purchased the item using my own money. It does contain affiliate links. I purchased the Vesper by Crave for myself back in January from Stockroom after seeing Sunny Megatron post about it on Instagram during the AVNs: View this post on Instagram I had seen the Vesper in a few stores, both in person and online and loved the idea of a Read More

Exploring ‘Good Sex’

I’ve been planning some toy reviews to post here for the last few weeks, I have some cool gear that I want to tell you about and some fun adventures to share, but I have come across an issue that I am struggling to mitigate for in my review process… Everything makes me cum. Literally. 25 seconds of nipple play? Orgasm. Read More

7 Logistical Perks of Polyamory

I talk about polyamory a lot: for work, on dates, online, with medical professionals, with partners, with family, with my communities… and I am happy to. I am passionate about my lifestyle and I love sharing it with people. I talk about challenges – jealousy, scheduling, communication barriers, boundaries, social stigma, coming out – and I talk about how wonderful Read More