Logistics & Specifications

General Info
Age: 26
Gender: Cis Femme
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Queer/Pansexual and Poly
Height: 5″7/169cm
Body: 16/18 AUS, lots of butt
Shoe: 8.5/39
Bust: 16D
I am a white Australian.
I am not a Person of Colour and try to acknowledge my privilege in my work.

Occasionally Relevant

  • I have had mood disorder and generalized anxiety since I was a pre-teen
  • I have chronic fatigue and ADHD
  • My wrists and ankles have ligament issues which cause general weakness and regularly fatigue under consistent strain. I can’t hand-write or give handjobs comfortably.
  • I am processing trauma from a previous relationship that intersects with sex, kink and relationships semi-frequently
  • I am a sex worker and adult performer
  • I am hyper-orgasmic and have been as long as I can remember
  • I don’t think I have any allergies

Vulva: Reasonably high clitoral positioning, clitoral hood isn’t prominent, quite long clitoral stem allowing for a degree of movement, internal labia longer than external, very multi-orgasmic but can require a short refractory period
Preferences: Not a fan of direct clit stimulation, prefer rumble over buzz, patterns do little for me, very responsive to pressure rather than rubbing, I can get myself off easily manually when I don’t have fake nails, adore suction toys, external stimulation is not required for orgasms, 2 O’Clock is Magical

Vagina: Very grabby PC muscles, especially during orgasm, very prominent g-spot, a-spot accessible by digital stimulation and very intense, comfortable depth varies a lot, can handle width better than depth
Preferences: Internal vibrations don’t do a lot unless combined with external stimulation, consistent g-spot stimulation reliably leads to very quick orgasms (usually accompanied by squirting), love fisting but very dependent on knuckle width, very very multi-orgasmic with zero refractory

Anal: Can take a lot after short but targeted warm up, very very multi-orgasmic, don’t partake as much as I’d like as I’m very finicky about prep and time/logistics don’t always allow
Preferences: Dildos or moving penetration over plugs though I’m getting better with plugs as time goes on, love rimming

Nipples: Both pierced (horizontal bars), good sensitive, very orgasmic from pain or oral stimulation, slight refractory from nipple orgasms required
Preferences: Love clamps but sensitivity means removal after a longer time period can move into ‘bad pain’ territory

Kink: Super Kinky. Switchy as hell, a Sadistic/Sensation Domme when I top and primarily a physical/sexual/emotional masochist when I bottom though I have experience with very intense submission in the context of a D/s relationship, 6+ years of public scene experience and longer in private, casual professional domme work, freelance kink educator since 2014, mark and bruise quiet easily, high pain tolerance with warm up
Interests: Sensation Play is always #1, sadomasochism, roleplay in general, humiliation and degradation, exhibitionism, blood/medical play, pony play, service play (mainly receiving), gags/oral fixation, femininity, objectification, rope switching, ritual, rough body play, Nylon (particularly hosiery but not rope), Latex, Extreme Heels
Preference: (keeping it gear-specific) High quality is vital, small companies or bespoke where possible, will always invest in quality, prefer canes/paddles/straps/crops to floggers and whips but very comfortable with both, prefer stingy to thuddy but need thuddier for warm up currently, always jute rope, as body safe as is physically possible

Last Updated: 26th of July, 2018