Review Policies

My reviews focus on adult lifestyle and sexuality-related products and events including sex toys and kink gear, lingerie and fetishwear, sex and BDSM parties, workshops and classes, adult media and pornography, lubricants, safe sex supplies, educational resources, sex positives books, games and erotica, podcasts, menstrual products and more. Please make contact before sending anything as unsolicited products or content are not guaranteed a review.

I only use and review body-safe toys and products. I always prefer to support businesses and companies that do not sell unsafe toys. Princess Preview has a great guide about body safe sex toy materials here. Lubricants must be glycerin and paraben free and bondage gear must meet my safety standards. I reserve the right to not complete reviews if I have concerns about the safety of the materials after receiving the product.

I do not review penis pumps, sexual enhancers of any kind, any numbing products, anal toys without sufficient bases or supplements/medication. Please contact me before sending any penis-focused toys so I can determine if I have an appropriate partner to test it with.

For Stores, please include your preferred purchase link in correspondence. No competitors will be linked to in the review, however I may compare the product to other reviews on my blog which may have links to another brand or store.

For Manufacturers, I reserve the right to link to my affiliates in my review.

Event review requests must include at least one ticket for myself and preferably an additional ticket for an appropriate partner. Requests will be considered based on my availability, geographic location and whether I feel comfortable with the nature of it.

Adult media content such as books, films, porn, erotica or podcasts are accepted at my discretion. The best way to promote your media on my blog is to pay for sponsored content.

Please allow 60 days from day of receipt for your review to appear on the site. I will contact the sender if any delays arise. Reviews required by a certain deadline must be discussed prior to the item being sent. I am not responsible for costs related to postage issues or items that do not arrive.

Sending a product for free does not guarantee a positive review. Reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience and will not be removed or edited at the request of any company, and products that receive a negative review will not be returned or paid for.

External reviews are available by request. Please contact me via email.

I reserve the right to refuse product reviews, affiliation or sponsorship from your brand or store do not align with my personal and professional ethos. I believe safety, sex and body positivity, intersectional feminism and ethical practices must be paramount and reserve the right to remove or edit content without warning if a company or organisation’s behaviour does not reflect these values.