Sex Toy Review: The Dodil

The Dodil sent me this product in exchange for an honest and fair review. This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.
You can purchase The Dodil via their website or Betty’s Toy Box stocks it with ($95USD) or without the thermos canister ($65USD)

I knew I needed The Dodil in my life the minute I saw it on Instagram

In case you don’t know, The Dodil is a body-safe insertable dildo that you can bend and mould it into an infinite number of shapes. Its thermoplastic core softens when soaked in hot water and sets hard when exposed to cold water, allowing you to adjust and create new forms whenever you feel inclined. It’s kind of like if you made a dildo out of playdough and let it dry solid, but not gross and very very bad for you. A lover has dubbed it the “Choose Your Own Adventure Dildo” and I can’t think of a better way to explain this fun and unique toy!


  • Silicone dildo with heat-sensitive thermoplastic core
  • On the Dodil Site: $100USD with Thermos Canister or $70USD for just the Dodil
  • Materials: Silicone Cover, Biothermoplastic Core, ABS Plastic Handle
  • Dimensions (original): Length: 19 cm / 7.48 in. Diameter: 4 cm / 1.57 in.
  • ABS Plastic Handle makes up 4 cm / 1.57 in. of the dildo which cannot be moulded
  • Waterproof
  • Not appropriate for anal play as it does not have a flared base

First Impressions

I actually received this toy months ago but faced an unexpected roadblock – Australian summer! I was so excited to play The Dodil, I placed it in its thermos cannister as soon as it arrived. After I pulled it out and playdough’d (that’s a verb now) it into my preferred shape, I was cruelly thwarted when I started running it under the cold tap and realised that in February, “cold” water is 27 degrees celsius! Thankfully with the changing seasons comes cooler temperatures and I was finally able to completely enjoy what The Dodil has to offer.

The challenge when reviewing a toy such as this is that how well it makes you cum is literal dependents on what you make of it. I actually think that this is The Dodil‘s greatest strength but for the sake of this review, I’m going to talk more about the functionality of this toy rather than any particular shape or design.

In terms of packaging, I love that my Dodil came in its canister instead of a box. My life is already being overrun with repurposed sex toy boxes and the non-reusable inserts and plastics weigh heavy on my eco-conscience, so any time toys aren’t overpackaged makes me happy. Inside the canister was the dodil itself, an instruction sheet and a long piece of heavy duty plastic string for more precise shaping. The Dodil is currently only available in a nice unobjectionable soft teal which I think is an appropriate colour for the neutralness of this toy.

In Process

First, let’s talk about the process of forming and setting The Dodil. It’s honestly really simple:

  1. Fill thermos with hot water
  2. Carefully place The Dodil in the water
  3. Wait 30 mins
  4. Carefully remove The Dodil and dry off
  5. Form into your desired shape (This is easier if you have a plan before, or do what I did and kind of choke and bend it in a mildly panicked flourish…)
  6. Plunge The Dodil in cold water to set (I use a bowl because it take a few minutes to really solidify and it doesn’t waste as much water)
  7. Dry off, lube up and go play!

Words are kind of limited in this instance, so I made a short (SFW) video so you can see the process for yourselves:

In Play

As I said above, this is a hard one to review sensation-wise because you have so much control over its shape. One thing you can’t change is how solid this toy is. Once its set, there is no give in the material so it becomes more like a glass or metal toy; which is great for making waves or bumps or texture in it but definitely something to be mindful of if you’re used or expecting any squish. The silicone is also somewhat prone to pull – it reminds me of the finish that Fun Factory use – so use lots of lube and avoid if you know you don’t like that.

I really like using The Dodil, it’s often hard for me to find g-spot toys that are the right shape for my anatomy so being able to experiment with different angles and shapes is amazing. Exploring different forms with The Dodil actually helped me understand my vagina better – and we’re already very well acquainted – as I was able to tweak it to really target the perfect spot. This toy made me cum in around the same time most of my dildos do but it is ideal for when I am after a particular kind of stimulation.

Final Thoughts

Is The Dodil a novelty? Absolutely

But is it a functional novelty? 100%

I really enjoyed this toy. The whole process is fun and playful and wants you to explore, which I think is a fantastic energy to bring into a sexual space. This toy works best when you know what you like but is also a really effective way to find out what that means to you. Its also just a perfectly good dildo, which definitely works in its favour. The Dodil can also be useful when shopping for new toys because I’m able to test if a particular curve or shape will work for me before I buy. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to someone as their very first dildo because I can see the number of potential options being overwhelming, but I think its a great choice for a second or third.

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