Sex Toy Review: Vesper Crave

This review is not sponsored and I purchased the item using my own money. It does contain affiliate links.

I purchased the Vesper by Crave for myself back in January from Stockroom after seeing Sunny Megatron post about it on Instagram during the AVNs: View this post on Instagram

I had seen the Vesper in a few stores, both in person and online and loved the idea of a wearable vibrator. I wear sex-related clothing fairly often to signal to other sex geeks that I’m DTPDL (Down To Passionately Discuss Lube), so sex toy jewellery seemed like a natural progression.


  • Pendant Necklace Vibrator
  • Made by Crave
  • 4 Settings: Low, Medium, High and Pulse
  • One Button (located near the necklace end)
  • Body, tip and chain are made from body-safe stainless steel
  • Available in silver, silver + rose gold and 24 kt gold plating
  • Not waterproof but water-resistant and “splash proof”
  • USB Charging
  • Designed for External Use
  • Chain is 26″ long
  • Pendant is 3.8” L x 0.5” W x 0.5” H

Initial Impressions

The Crave Vesper‘s packaging is gorgeous. It feels luxurious and captures the blend of jewellery/sex toy nicely – it’s not pretending it’s not going to get you off but doesn’t invoke the cringe of the Bachelorette section of your local skeevy sex store. I wouldn’t hesitate to tastefully gift wrap it as is and give it to a friend or lover (and if anyone wants to send me a gold one then please hit up my wishlist).

I purchased my Vesper in the rose gold colourway and it’s beautiful; it honestly looks like a sleek modern accessory and I love the (comfortable) weight of it around my neck. After wearing it for several months, I’ve found only people familiar with the product clock it for what it is (which is usually a great conversation/flirtation initiator) and I get compliments about it all the time. I often wear it on first dates as a way to bring a feeling of sexy playfulness.

This toy uses a USB charger that screws into the top on the pendant (after unscrewing the ‘necklace’ tip)  and I found it charges quickly and is very travel-friendly.


So I love the Vesper as an accessory but what about as a vibrator?

Self Directed Play

My first real experience with my Vesper was spontaneous; when one unassuming Tuesday night I was rudely punished for my toy-charging complacency. My faithful Satisfyer Pro 2 died on me before I was done. This shouldn’t have been more than a minor inconvenience – I own a small army of vibrators – but in some cruel travesty, not one had enough charge to step up. Not quite desperate enough to pull out Princess Doxy (wands are overkill for my usual ‘get to sleep’ jerk off), I suddenly looked to my bedside table and saw the Vesper.

I will admit my expectations weren’t high due to it’s size and my brief initial impression of the four modes (3 speeds and a pulse) made me assume it was quite buzzy.

But it was late and I wasn’t going to sleep without an orgasm.

I honestly found myself pleasantly surprised. While it’s never going to be the strongest or most rumbly vibe, the Vesper is not to be underestimated. The single button control does the job unobtrusively and the medium setting easily got me off a few times and I found using it to apply pressure above my clit (off to the left personally) dispersed the vibrations quite effectively and countered any off-putting ‘buzz’. The stainless steel is non-porous, so after I finished I simply wiped it down with an antibacterial cleaning wipe and drifted off to sleep.

Considering I had primarily purchased the Vesper for novelty and aesthetic, the Vesper really earned it’s pride of place near my bosom that night. While it’s not a daily staple in my masturbation routine, it still gets a solid amount of use, especially when I travel.

Playing Well With Others

I’ve used the Vesper with a variety of vulva-driving partners during our time together (almost always spontaneously) and it has been wonderful, proving particularly useful during threesomes and invariably popular at sex parties*. It has also been fun for naughty semi-public humiliation scenes with my distance D/s play partner.

*I highly recommend being the single lady who shows up to the party with sex toy jewellery and orgasmic nipples whenever possible ;P

There is something I really appreciate about this toy that I have only really realised while reflecting for this review.


What it does is allow me to do is to bring a vibrator with me through a variety of non-sexual situations, which means that any situation where it does become a sexual object is a conscious choice which I find symbolically empowering. More importantly, though, I feel like already having a vibrator with me when I go into a sexual encounter with a vulva owner to be a very validating act; acknowledging the realities of both anatomy and sexual response and deconstructing the patriarchal notion that we shouldn’t “need” sex toys. I don’t go into these interactions assuming what kind of stimulation my partner needs and the Vesper means I feel more prepared to make them feel good.

Final Thoughts

I love my Vesper. I wear it almost every day and have recommended it to plenty of friends.
I find it best lends itself to spontaneous play and travelling light.

As a sex toy, it is simple, versatile and effective.
As an accessory, it’s sexy and sophisticated.
But for me, it’s true power is in its symbolism.

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