Toy Review – RO-Lux Rose Gold Precious Pleasures Bullet by Rocks-Off Ltd

 Rocks-Off Ltd sent me these products in exchange for an honest and fair review. This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.
I cannot find the RO-Lux on the Rocks-Off website right now but it is available at

I must confess when I was trying to choose what Rocks-Off vibrators to review (this is one of two products they sent me), the fact that the RO-Lux was rose gold 1000% impacted my decision.

I’m a rose gold fiend. Any stationary, electronics, accessories, jewellery, homewares or *completely hypothetical* drug paraphernalia I’ve purchased in the past 12 months has been rose gold or copper. As soon as I have my own apartment again, I can only imagine my obsession will grow exponentially. Even my nails are rose gold right now.

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I’ve had a mixed history with bullet vibes. Most of my very first vibrators were cheap bullets from Femplay and they were fine but pre-fake nails I mainly used manual stimulation to masturbate (ironically the one person it hurts to fuck with my nails is me =/) and the only vibrators I used with partners were my Doxy in forced orgasm scenes. The Satisfyer Pro 2 brought me back into the clitoral stimulation fold and so I have spent the last year exploring external vibrators again and now my We-Vibe Tango and I are practically inseparable. So I was in a good place to give the RO-Lux a solid try.


  • Bullet Vibrator
  • Price varies among retailers but usually around $30 AUD ($27.95 at
  • Made by Rocks-Off Ltd
  • 10 Settings – 3 Solid Speeds and 7 Patterns
  • 1 power/control button on the base
  • Rose Gold Finish
  • Waterproof
  • Battery Powered (1 x AAA)
  • Not appropriate for anal play as it does not have a flared base
  • L 11.5cm x W 2cm
  • ABS Plastic (Body Safe)

First Impressions

Aesthetically I love the RO-Lux. The colour is so pretty, its shiny as hell and it looks really sophisticated for a simple bullet in its price range. The rose gold is also a great alternative for people who don’t love the usual sex toy offerings of pink/purple.

The single control/power button is easy to use and does not have memory so it will start from the lowest setting each time (which I personally prefer). The shape its pretty conventional for this kind of toy but it does have contours on the power button end which I assume are to make it easier to hold and they do make it look sexier. This end also screws off to allow access to the battery compartment, removing this is quite easy but I find replacing it can be fiddly as the screw often won’t align properly.


The packaging is consistent with other Rocks-Off toys I’ve seen, sturdy cardboard with a lovely black gloss-on-matte lace pattern and gold accents. A plastic insert holds the toy in place, while warranty and care information can be found inside the cardboard backing (I honestly wouldn’t have known it was there if it wasn’t for Princess Preview’s latest review of the Rocks-Off Unihorn). The copy on the back of the box describes the RO-Lux as “potent” and promises “effortless” orgasms.

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In Play

The RO-Lux runs on a single AAA battery (included) and has reasonable power for its price point with fresh batteries but I wouldn’t call it “potent” by any measure. There was a noticeable decline in intensity between uses as the battery drained. It is recommended that you remove batteries between uses to extend battery life but honestly, I would prefer to buy new batteries than have to reassemble a toy when I want to get off.

I was going to recommend investing in a few rechargeable AAAs if you want to make this a staple, but the instruction & safety booklet clearly says not to use them – so that rules that out. At least 1 AAA isn’t a tall order as far as sex toy batteries configurations go…

I used the RO-Lux as an external clitoral vibe. Like a lot of more affordable vibrators, the vibrations are diffused through the whole toy which made it harder for me to get off – but that’s my body and my preference. It did mean that rather than “effortlessly carrying” me to orgasm, I had to apply more pressure than I usually would for my prefered intensity which got a little painful with prolonged use. I think the power progression through the solid speeds scales nicely though with the top setting being effective but not overkill. The seven patterns are diverse and varied but I never use them.

As a waterproof ABS toy it’s very easy to clean using soap and water, or After Dark wipes if I don’t want to get out of bed or I’m on the run. The instructions warn against using alcohol-based cleaning products with the RO-Lux.

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Final Thoughts

The RO-Lux is a completely adequate vibrator with some serious aesthetic game. It’s never going to be my go-to but I think it’s a great affordable option for a first toy. I genuinely love how it looks and will no doubt keep it around for cam and toy shows – or for days when I just want to feel super fucking #extra!

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